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Literacy is a vital skill to the development of our families, children, and progress of our nation. It is not merely the ability to read, but also the comprehension and application of language, which enriches family life at home, at work, and in the community. However, the National Center for Family Literacy has provided an alarming statistic regarding literacy in the United States: more than 30 million American read below basic literacy levels.

To commemorate National Literacy Month and to strengthen our dedication to literacy and Early Childhood Education, our September “Buzz About Books” theme of the month will focus on a variety of reading activities at all of our BumbleBeesRus centers. In addition, some of the reading and art activities are related to our unit of study, “All About Me”. Our goal is to make reading fun and exciting for children, which will help develop their literacy and language skills.

How can you help promote literacy at home? Reading at bedtime, visiting your local library, joining a book club, and playing word games are just a few ways to encourage reading with your family. This month we have a variety of fun parent read alouds at our centers that we would love for you to be a part of!

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