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June 2016 is
National Safety Month

Accidents happen everyday, but they can be prevented with preparation and education. Simple things like checking smoke detectors, securing child car seats, storing hazardous materials, and pool safety can make a difference for all of our families.  It is also important to ensure the well-being of our children by giving them the knowledge on how to keep themselves safe at home or in the community.

At BumbleBeesRus, we will spend the month of June teaching our kids how to be safe with many fun activities. Here are some of the topics we will be discussing and learning about:

• Fire Prevention and Safety
• Understanding Stoplights, Street Signs, and Pedestrian Safety
• Phone Number and Address Practice
• Calling 911
• Safety at Home
• Pool and Sun Safety
• Bike Safety
• Stranger Danger and the Buddy System

All of our BumbleBeesRus centers will have many amazing activities in June! You can view our exciting calendar online.